Saturday, March 15, 2014

Details Albion Coat Embroidery

Here is some of the details of the Albion Coat embroidery. I was not able to get photos of the detail because my camera broke during first shots of Albion coat. 
I did not use and embroidery machine - just a walking foot, Madeira thread, 58 hours of patience and stiff neck and shoulders.

You can read more details about how I did this on the Albion Coat post.

This coat is in memory of our magnificent star dappled grey-blue magic horse. 
He made us laugh, reminded us to play even in our work, helped us believe in blue magic horses, and taught us a deeper meaning of responsibility as the fox taught the little prince. 

We know that he is now in the night sky giving the little prince and the fox a ride back to the rose.


  1. I've never seen this amount of detail and artistic precision stitched into felt before. This is spectacular!

  2. It makes me mad when something I am sewing is not coming out right. Then I go into a frenzy to fix it, Additional Info