Friday, March 14, 2014

TNT long sleeve tee

This week I made a simple long sleeve knit shirt. AND I got a new camera because the other one dies during the photos for the last post!!!! As you can see I am trying to figure how to use the remote clicker etc! 

I finally found the knit tee that I love! I have tried several patterns but nothing was right. So. I took my favorite long sleeve tee and lay it out on cardboard tracing around it and made a pattern. Yes, I like the sleeves to be short so they don't get in my way!

A dart on both sides at breast gives it more shape. Using clear elastic strip, or stay tape, or interfacing on the shoulder seams only REALLY  helps knits keep their shape.   
I do things the hard way so it wasn't that simple. I spent years, yes years trying this and that making a lot of tees that I did not like. Finally, about a year and a half ago I started to actually read and then fallow instructions on patterns. I am learning a lot. Making a neck band and securing it with top stitching or a zig zag stitch keeps everything from stretching out.
I made the skirt and the leggings earlier this winter. It fits great and is comfy!

I LOVE this skirt! It is a Hummingbird Skirt  from Cake Patterns This is not the last one of these you will see me make! The picture on the pattern doesn't look like much but The skirt is perfect!
Hummingbird Peplum Top & Straight Skirt Cake Patterns #0289

I used a stretch corduroy and lined it with a stretch synthetic knit. I learned that it is important to have a lining so that the skirt won't stick to your leggings! I hate that bound up static feeling!
 I was surprised that I could move well in this skirt! and the stretch corduroy makes it so it is not tight around my waist when sitting etc.

 Now I line my winter skirts- ones I will wear with leggings- to keep  the skirt from sticking to the leggings.
It took a lot of failures to get a nice invisible zipper.

I love the feather in the back of this skirt  because it creates a nice shape and allows for real movement! 

 The leggings are ooh la leggings from Papercut patterns. They are also great but I am not ready to show them without a skirt and I have not quite perfected them the way I want so there will be plenty more of them to come.  

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