Thursday, May 1, 2014

Not all Black and White Skater Dress and Pink Ooh La Leggings

I'm back in a new "Lady Skater Dress" and spring is springing!
 I have made about 6 versions of this easy knit dress and I wear them all the time! The pattern is by
The biggest change I made was to add a peplum. I LOVE Peplums I feel they make a more graceful transition where top meets bottom. 
The second big change I made was to add a lining when I am using a sheer fabric. I really dislike it when knit fabric is see through - What good is that! It makes getting dressed more complicated! 
I like it to be easy to decide what to wear! Just slip it on and lets go! 
 One of my favorite things about these Lady Skater Dresses is that I can just pull it on and be comfy and done! 
I have made three different sizes of this dress because it totally depends on how stretchy your knit is - the more stretchy the smaller size the less stretchy the larger size. This black and white bird  knit has not got much stretch at all. 
Of course, when sewing with knits always put clear elastic in the shoulder seams and in the waist seam. It's important to have that extra support and stretch to keep it all looking right. I don't like the way it gets a little to thick in the waist band here with a lining, peplum, and elastic - too many layers  - but what can you do!
Yes, again the " Ooh La Leggings"! this way cool legging pattern can be found at I have finally perfected the waist band - by NOT using elastic. I don't like the feel of elastic on my waist! So, I lined the waist piece with a supper stretchy Lycra that gives the cotton leggings better recovery at the waist. I cut about an inch off the top waist to bring it down some. This leaves a nice smooth line under my dress!
 For the leggings it is best to use a knit that has a good 4-way stretch. They are just more comfy that way! I also took about 3 inches off the length - they were supper long and I don't like them to bunch at the bottom if I am wearing them inside my boots.
The shoes are just the coolest! I don't get a chance to wear heals much anymore because of life in the country and garden but when ever I get a chance I wear Fluevogs! The MOST ADORABLE shoes in the world!
I took a couple inches off the front of the Lady Skater Dress so that it has a bit of a cascade. 
 I got the fabric for both the dress and the leggings from
 1. Lady Skater Dress pattern at 
2. Ooh La Leggings Pattern from
3. Th SWEETEST Shoes at  

"All that is internal in me
Welcome the wonder of this day, 
The field of brightness it creates
Offering time for each thing
To arise and illuminate." 
John O'Donohue


  1. Love to see your creativity! Fun combo, and functional comfort as well as beauty win!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments!!! I deeply appreciate your support!!! It makes all the work of blogging worth it to know that at least someone looks at my blog!