Thursday, June 26, 2014

Turquoise Tulip Cambie Dress

Oh! how I LOVE the Cambie dress from!
 This is truly a lovely pattern from another great independent pattern company! 
 A lined dress with side pockets that lay nicely and don't bulge out!
 I LOVE this linen that I got specifically for this dress. 
 I really didn't have to make many changes to this dress -just miner adjustments to get a good fit.
It is just one of those perfect patterns that makes into the perfect dress that you can't wait to wear each day!

 I had to add scalloped hem! 

I lined it with silk -SOOO  luxurious to wear!!! YUMMMMM!!!!!

"It is like awakening into morning
Where everything is touched with change.
Now your body has a mind of it's own
As it curves and fills into womanhood."

John O'Donohue

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Burda Style Pleated Linen Pants

OH YAAHHH!!!!!!! This is a BIG DEAL for me! I completed my first Burda Style Pattern!!!!!!
 I have been longing for a pair of loose fitting, cool - as in not hot, comfy, yet stylish pants!!!!!!
Most loose fitting pants look like PJ's and I did not want that!
 I am thrilled with the fit of these pants!
 Okay, an unfortunate spot for the embroidery to end up in, But aside form that this is the first pair of pants that I like the way they feel, look, and fit!
 I must warn you, before you rush to buy and download this pattern, IT'S A PAIN IN THE ASS!!!!
 It would be wise to have some pants making experience before trying to use Burda Patterns. This was the most un-helpfuland confusing pattern I have ever used! I had no clue what I was getting into! 
 First: they do not include seam allowance in the sizes! This is crazy making because you have to add your own seam allowance to pattern pieces that have curves - this is really difficult to end up with the same curved line as is in the pattern!!!! 
 OH! But i did a good job! I have always wanted pants that are high and fitted in the back so you don't have the plumber's issue when you have to bend way down to get something on the bottom shelf in the grocery store! Know what I mean?!
 I only wore this cropped blouse for these pictures because I wanted you to see the beautiful waistband I made.
 I LOVE this embroidered linen that I found about 9 or 10 years ago when I was first wanting to learn to sew! Yes, I have saved it all this time just for these pants!
 Second: the instructions to these Burda Patterns Have NO drawings to illustrate the written instructions - BIG MISTAKE- on their part! The written instructions were so confusing that I ended up looking at three other pants patterns and using them to figure out what order to do things in etc. Thank god for independent pattern companies that can teach you how to sew before trying some silly pattern like this! 
I ended up just writing and illustrating instructions as I went along so that the next time I will be able to have something logical to follow. So, really I don't think these pants are at all like the ones in the pattern!!!!! 
This waistband is the greatest because it does not cut into your belly when you sit!!!!!! I took off about 4 inches in the front bringing the v-shaped waistband down a lot lower. 
"My your work be infused with passion and creativity
And have the wisdom to balance compassion and challenge."

John O"Dohahue

Pencil Mabel Skirt and Perfect Tees

I finished these 2 weeks ago but no time to post them because I have been working in the garden. 
This is the Mabel skirt from Colette Patterns Colette patterns are the easiest to follow. Sari really describes everything very well and has good drawings of what she is describing! This is so so cool for a visual person like me who hates to read instructions!
I did the pencil skirt version three. The pattern says you can make this skirt in an hour and this is the FIRST pattern that this statement is true! Usually, they say that and it takes a heck of a lot of hours! 
Of course, I changed it by cutting off the bottom and adding a flounce!  I LOVE FLOUNCES!
NICE! and comfy because I used a four way stretch knit from Natures Fabric
I made 4 new Tees that week and undies which I ain't gonna show you! 
I always need the perfect Tee made form soft cotton jersey from Girl Charlie Fabric
Side darts and front darts in the bodice of the Tee to give it more shape, a looser and scalloped bottom to give some grace to midsection.
I do love slip on and go outfits - easy comfy, no fuss, no decisions!!!!!!
"Become subtle enough
to hear a tree breathe."

John O'Donohue