Thursday, June 26, 2014

Turquoise Tulip Cambie Dress

Oh! how I LOVE the Cambie dress from!
 This is truly a lovely pattern from another great independent pattern company! 
 A lined dress with side pockets that lay nicely and don't bulge out!
 I LOVE this linen that I got specifically for this dress. 
 I really didn't have to make many changes to this dress -just miner adjustments to get a good fit.
It is just one of those perfect patterns that makes into the perfect dress that you can't wait to wear each day!

 I had to add scalloped hem! 

I lined it with silk -SOOO  luxurious to wear!!! YUMMMMM!!!!!

"It is like awakening into morning
Where everything is touched with change.
Now your body has a mind of it's own
As it curves and fills into womanhood."

John O'Donohue


  1. beautiful !! Really lovely...... and the dress too :)

  2. Your dress is perfection. Love the quality crafts women ship!! Linen and silk aaahhhh and its got to feel good to get it out of your dreams and onto your body ;)