Sunday, September 21, 2014

Zinnia Skirt in Turquoise Gauze

Oops! I just realized that I should have taken the photos with the zinnias in the background!
 Well, here is the Zinnia skirt in front of the cosmos!
 I have been working double time harvesting the garden and puttin' up food. I have not had much time to sew. This is one of the reasons this skirt was so satisfying to make - it was easy and FAST!
 Colette did it again with a great simple pleated lined skirt‎!
 I added two inches on the length of the pleats, made up the short version and added a lining because the gauze is sheer and I have some other sheer fabrics in mind for the next one. Yep, this was my muslin! Mostly my muslins are not worthy of the camera and blog time!
I LOVE my sewing machine and her fancy detailing, and my serger and her great rolled hems!
"The flute of interior time is played weather we hear it or not.
What we mean by "love" is it's sound coming in.
When love hits the furthest edge of excess, it reaches a wisdom.
And the fragrance of that knowledge!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tia Dress

My first Tia Dress is complete.
This is from a pattern by Lara Nash at
The most amazing thing about making this dress was that I bought it with a class by Lara Nash herself! The class and dress pattern was ONLY $20!!!!! You can find this class at
This was my first sewing class ever!!!! I learned a lot and was so impressed with how much extra information Lara Nash gives in this class! 
She goes over everything about how to make this dress in detail as well as a lot of tips for vintage sewing including how to make a crinoline!
No, I didn't make a crinoline. I can't imagine wearing one because it seems that the netting they are made of would be really uncomfortable.
I did make some changes in the design. I did not use Lara Nash's pockets but instead used the pockets from the Colette pattern for the Parfait Dress
Also, I did not use the gathered skirt that Lara has for this pattern because I have not liked the gathered skirts I have made thus far. Instead, I used the skirt from Gertie's Butterick B5882 I love the wide flair of this skirt!  Check out her blog
I had a couple of problems:  I could not get the lapped zipper done right. I need to keep reviewing the class and try again because I want to learn how to do it. But I gave up after seam ripping out a LOT of attempts!!!!!!! I ended up putting in the invisible zipper I was using anyway and it came out good.   
The other problem was a problem I have ALWAYS which was that the sleeves were unbearably uncomfortable! So now you see them........
..........and now you don't. I had to take them off, cut off about five eighth inches around the entire arm hole, and add a bias trim.
The reality is I live in these cloths which means that I work in them in the garden, in the kitchen etc.  I HATE it when it is constricting my front and back arm every time I lean down to lift things!!!! The sleeves just had to go!  

What do you think Tweetie Bird? I LOVE the Bodice, I LOVE the accents with trim, I LOVE the skirt, OK,  I LOVE this dress and will make it again.

May your new work excite your heart,
Kindle in your mind a creativity
To journey beyond the old limits
Of all that has become wearisome.
John O'Donohue