Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cocoa Knit Sweater Shrug

Completed my third Cocoa Knit Shrug from Cake patterns
 This is an easy make and important item for my wardrobe. I LOVE these shrugs and wear them a lot with dresses!!!!
 I used the most wonderful wine colored wool interlock from Natures Fabrics I LOVE their wool knits and their bamboo knits - they have good quality fabric! 
 This is like a bolero but the pattern is made for knit fabric. The changes I made were to lengthen the sleeves and add a cotton knit lining. 
 I really like linings on everything wool!
 Of course, I needed this little shrug to go with this Gertie Dress. It has been so great to have these shrugs because these days I get hot and cold a lot so I need layers!
"It's possible that while sleeping the hand
that sows the seeds of stars
started the ancient music going again

-like a note from a great harp-
and the frail wave come to our lips
as one or two honest words."
Antonio Machado

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