Monday, December 29, 2014

Gertie's Butterick 6094

Completing Gertie's Butterick 6090 was a big deal!
 I don't usually make such fitted dresses as this one. It took a long time of making many MANY muslins in order to get the fit right on this dress!!!!!!!! But in the end I am very pleased with Gertie's Butterick 6094!!!!!!! You can find this at or any place that sells Butterick patterns.  
According to the package my size would be a 12 to 14 so that was the size I cut out at first. It was much to big so I ended with a size 6 at the bust and size 12 at the hips. 
 The back of this dress is SO COOL! 
 YAH!!!!! Check that out!!!!!!!
I love love love love the design of this dress!
 I used a wonderful wool twill which, to my surprise, has a lot of stretch! The stretch makes this dress so comfortable! I am in love with this fabric it has a lot of colors in those stripes. 
  The alterations to the pattern were many. I made a small bust adjustment,  lengthened the bodice about one and a half inches, and I lowered the armpit about an inch and a half.  
More alterations were: a sway back adjustment and making the darts in the back wider and about 2 inches longer!

I did a little thread painting and top stitching. This dress reminded me of tulips.

I lined this dress with a wonderful stretch silk charmeuse so it is luxuriously soft and stretchy!!!!! 
Clearly, I need to bring down the line where the bodice and midriff meet. I do love wearing this dress so I am sure I will make it again and make a few more changes. 
 "As twilight harvests all the day's color,
May love bring you home to each other."
John O"Donohue


  1. Thank you for sharing. The shear determination is very inspiring!! And look the "finished" dress is super great!!

  2. Thank you for your steady support!!!!!!!