Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ceylon Dress Hand Embroidered Blossoms

Completed the Ceylon Nectarine Blossoms Dress!
 The pattern is from Colette Patterns
 I used a wonderful wool gaberdine fabric in a rose color. It took me a long time to complete the hand embroidered nectarine blossoms because I don't often sit down to handwork. 
 I LOVE this dress design; the wide midriff is flattering and the topstitching leaves a lot of room for fun with decorative stitching.
 The changes I made were: to add long sleeves, add a lining, made a small bust adjustment, and continued the darts all the way up the back of the midriff.
 It is such a comfortable dress!!!!
I lined the dress with a lovely rose pink silk(the leggings are not red but a fuchsia color). I love the wool fabrics lined with silk for winter clothing!!
"Often it seems that we have to undertake the longest journey to arrive at what has been nearest all along." John O'Donohue

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