Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pavot Raincoat pink chocolate owls

Singin' in the mud and the spring snow! In my new raincoat!
 It's the Pavot coat pattern from Deer and Doe Patterns‎
combined with Colette's Albion coat‎.

 I added about 5 inches of length to the skirt of the Pavot, used the Abion pattern for the sleeves and hood, and added a stand up collar. I interlined it with a shetland wool, and lined it with a white satin. 
 Fastened with black snaps.
 I really need pink rainboots!
 The Pavot is a nice pattern that fits well with shape to it!
This very cute pink chocolate owl fabric is from Natures Fabric. They say the fabric is"This PUL is free from metals, phthalates and latex. It is produced in accordance with new PUL application standards. There are no VOC’s emitted during production. A hot melt adhesive system is used to bond the fabric to the film. This system is also considered a “green” way of lamination! It has been tested and is holding up well in all applications that call for a 1 mil moisture barrier."
Those owls are just so cute! There are 5 unique different ones in a row! 
Splashing around warm and dry!
"For the raindrop, joy is in entering the river-..."