Saturday, August 15, 2015

Red Cambie-Vogue Combo

I have always wished I had a red dress and here it is!
The bodice is the Cambie dress from Sewaholic Patterns:

 I love it so much that I think this may be the beginning of a series of red dresses!
 The Cambie bodice seems to fit me better than any bodice I have ever done! I LOVE the sweetheart neckline, the gathered front sleeve, and the built-in-belt!
 The skirt is fabulous with lining of each layer so that it moves and feels great. I used a bemberg lining which has that smooth silky feel of rayon.
 The belt gives my Aria Babylock a chance to strut her stuff and show off a little of how well she sings!
I used a red cotton/ linen blend that is a deliciously saturated red and soft to the touch which I found in Denver CO. at the Fancy Tiger: YAY! Fancy tiger now has an online store so I can find other fabrics I need!
"When one thing dies all things
die together, and must live again
in a different way,
when one thing
is missing everything is missing, 
and must be found again
in a new whole
and everything wants to be complete,
everything wants to go home
and the geese traveling south
are like the shadow of my breath
flying into the darkness
on great heart-beats
to an unknown land where I belong."
David Whyte