Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sophia Dress

The Sophia Dress is simply divine!!!!!!
 This is a pattern from By Hand London:
 I LOVE this pattern!!! It fit me right off with only one muslin and tinny changes.
 The pattern is so cool, unique, and modern with darts that form a v. Easy to sew, fun to see the new and different way the bodice comes together, and a great fit for my body!
 My sister brought me the silk from china and I lined the bodice with a black silk habotai. 
 I used a six paneled skirt different from the pattern because I wanted to leave the floral print of the fabric as undisturbed by sewing lines as possible. 
 I also made a silk Bolero to go with the dress fro cooler days: The Bolero pattern is from Sew Chic: I love the way the V of the darts form a diamond with the arc of the bolero.
 Ff course, being silk the dress feels like heaven and moves with grace!
By Hand London Sophia Dress: 

"Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into 
the conversation....All the birds
and the creatures of the world are unutterably
 themselves. Everything is waiting for you."
David Whyte 

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