Friday, March 4, 2016

First Ginger Jeans

YAY!!!!!! My first ginger jeans!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I never had a pair of jeans that fit so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The pattern is by Heather Lou at Closet Case Files
Heather Lou is amazing!!!!!! I followed her sew along which was wonderful! She made an exceptionally good pattern and is outstanding in her directions on the sew-along!!!!!!!!

There are always things that need to be changed just a hair which I will do in my next 10 pairs I make for myself!!!!!!! Perhaps the back pockets are a little far apart and.....

well there are some changes I will make. But really I just followed her instructions and all went very well. The only difficulty was that my sewing machine was not up to the task!

I was so upset with my expensive machine that I took it back to the dealer and traded it in for two machines. One that is built for tough sewing  - A Janome 1600 Professional! And a Bernina 350!

These floral denim was my muslin pair. 

They are a little small and again the machine i was using made a mess of the thick seams and belt loops! But next time - Oooooo I can't wait for my next pair!!!!!!

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