Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wren Variation and Knit Denim leggings

Yet another Wren variation. They are just so comfy and quick to make, I love them!
 It's Colette's Wren pattern again. https://www.colettepatterns.com/catalog/wren
 I just keep adding to the skirt to make it fuller.
 The fabric is Gertie's rayon knit which can be found at Joann's.
 Rayon knit is so soft, flexy, and a bit slinky.
 I also made another pair of organic cotton knit denim leggings.
 The fabric really is lovely! Soft stretchy yet not too thin!
 This denim really has a denim feel and look. I found this at Organic Cotton Plus: http://organiccottonplus.com/collections/knits-thermal/products/copy-of-stretch-denim-65-indigo-knit
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