Saturday, May 28, 2016

Woodblock Printed Oakridge Blouse

Completed a hand woodblock printed Oakridge blouse!

 I am LOVING woodblock printing! This is Sewaholic's Oakridge pattern.
I used a fabulous brilliant colored raw silk!

 I really did't make any changes to the pattern.
 I used silk bias ribbon for the neck binding.

 Printing with woodblocks allows for a lot of freedom of design.  
 For more information on the woodblock printing technique see Colette's blog post at:
"The oak tree 
loves patience,
the mountain is still looking"
Mary Oliver

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Black Ginger Jeans

YES!!!! I complete a much needed pair of black Ginger Jeans.
I love black and red so it was fun to use red topstitching on the stretch black denim. 
 Heather is truly a master! Her instructions are clear and she takes all the stress and fear out of making jeans!!!
 It is very difficult to get good pictures jeans. 
 They feel GREAT! a lot better than they look!

My new Janome 1600 professional I use for all the top stitching and goes through the difficult seams as smooth as butter!  But she is only a straight station' machine. I used my sweet little Bernina 350 for  seams and the fancy decorative stitches. Bernina 350 is the cutest little work horse you ever did see! Lets not forget my good old trusty Juki MO735 serger. These there ladies are like the magic 3 legged stool! they can get any job done that I put to'em!!!! It really helps in making Jeans to have one machine set up for stitching and one for top stitching and one for serving - changing threads and stitches on every seam would take forever!
Walk in Beauty!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Hummingbird Ribbon Shirt

 She speaks for herself!!!!!!!!

I used the Oakridge Blouse bodice from Sewaholic Patterns:
And I used the Sleeve from Bruyere from Deer and Doe Patterns;
It has taken years to learn these thread painting techniques.  
I used the most luscious red stone washed silk!!!!!
She is fabulous to wear!!!!!!!
Like wearing a flutter of wings!!!!!!
"The Hummingbirds
In this book
there are many hummingbirds-
the blue-throated, the bumblebee, the calliope,
the cinnamon, the lucifer, and of course
the ruby-throated.
Well, that's all you can do.
For they're swift as the wind
and they fly, not across the pages but
like many shy and otherworldly things,
between them.
I know you'll keep looking now that i've told you.
I'm hungry to see them too, but I can't
hold them back even for a moment, they're
busy, as all things are, with their own lives.
So, all I can do is let you know
they're here somewhere.
All I can do is tell you
by putting my own hunger on the page."
Mary Oliver