Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Natural Dyed, Block Printed, Self Drafted, Clothes

Here are some clothes I drafted, dyed with natural dyes, and block printed.
 I love this open back on this shirt!
 I used cochineal dye.

 I made all of these cloths with organic cotton knit.
 This is dyed with sandalwood.

 With my peach tree behind full of peaches!

 More cochineal dye.

 This is dyed with cutch - the heartwood of the acacia tree.

 Again more cochineal dye.

 I love the way the dye makes movement!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Block printed Davie Dress in Spice

I'm loving doing block printing. This one was done on a knit fabric.
I used the Davie Dress pattern from Sewaholic Patterns

 I changed the pattern by taking out the keyhole in the front and brought the neckline down.

 It was surprising that it took me several versions to get the sleeve area fitting well. 
"There is so much magic in life, in these colors, in theses shapes, in this drop of shinning light in the gigantic dark universe." Robert Muller