Saturday, February 11, 2017

Two Boylston Bras

My first two gorgeous silk and lace Boylston Bras!!!!!!
 I have never had such beautiful, luxurious, elegant & sexy bras!!!!!!!!
It is as satisfying as making my own jeans!!!!!!!
I used the most amazing sandwashed silk and stunning lace. This silk was scraps from my Hummingbird Ribbon Shirt.
Again I am grateful to Lauren's Boylston Bra sew-along that I followed step by step

I changed the pattern in several ways by; making two pieces of the upper cup so that I could add scalloped lace only to the inside of the upper cup. This is more comfortable because it leaves no lace to rub on the underarm. I shortened the fabric part of the bra strap because I had the feeling that the strap would slide off my shoulder when I lean down to one side.
I changed it so that ALL the seams are hidden inside by adding a lining of the same unbelievably  sumptuous feel of sandwashed silk on my skin.
I  used a bra cup but did not add underwires because I do not like how they feel. And I took an inch length off the frame and added it to the back band to give it more room for power mesh so that it has more stretch capabilities.
The pink Boylston Bra I made first and thus it has all the mistakes I made on it so that in the end it is too small!😞
I used beautiful hand dyed silk so you can imagine what a bummer it was to find out it didn't fit in the end. The red one is a size bigger and has all the changes that I learned by making this one. NOW I will PIN ON THE BAND and HOOK & EYE, HOLD IT ROUND MY CHEST to see if it fits BEFORE  sewing the band on. If it appears like it will be too small I can always lengthen my power mesh pieces.
"There is some kiss we want with
our whole lives, the touch of
spirit on the body."